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The Benefits of Music

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Survey Results

100 Students (K-12) across Mitchell , SD were given this survey on paper or orally!

78 are involved in music now
22 are not

Do you use music on a daily basis?
94 Yes
3 No
3 N/R

Have you ever experienced any emotional or spiritual benefits from music?
56 Yes
36 No
8 N/R

Have you seen benefits in your life by being involved in music?
88 Yes
9 No
3 N/R

Do you feel that music is important to life?
89 Yes
11 No

50 Adults were given this survey

Do you think your children are receiving a better music education than you did growing up as a child?
41 Yes
4 No
5 N/R

Have you received benefits in life from your music education?
45 Yes
3 Unsure
2 N/R

Have you used music in your daily life since your music education?
36 Yes
5 No
9 N/R

Rate your musical experience as a child growing up in school

  • Absolutely wonderful and beneficial!!
  • Fair, could have been better!
  • Poor!

If answered Fair or Poor , could your education have been improved with better facilities, better instruction, or both?
4 Facilities
13 Instruction
11 Both
2 N/R

Do your past musical experiences affect your appreciation of music today?
46 Yes
4 No

When did you stop with your music education?
3 Elementary School
2 Middle School
21 High School
9 College
13 Community Involvement
2 N/R

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