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The Benefits of Music

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Importance and Benefits of Music

(Responses from Students in Mitchell , SD )

How do you use music on a daily basis?

  • Besides being in band and choir, the kids:
  • Listen to the radio
  • Sing in the shower
  • Hear music playing in their homes
  • Use it in the morning to wake up and clear their heads
  • Dance
  • Use it for relaxation and concentration
  • During Exercise
  • Play the guitar
What emotional and spiritual benefits have you received from music?
  • After the death of my grandpa, my uncle wrote a song in remembrance of him and every time I hear the song, I think of my grandpa I lost.
  • There is an uplifting song I've listened to since my parents divorced.
  • Praising the Lord.
  • When I am sad I will find a good song and play it over and over again.
  • I use music to keep going, when I want to give up.
  • Some songs remind me of my dead uncle.
  • Music helps me to feel like other people know what it is like to be in my position as a teenager.
  • I found a song the other day that made me cry. It made me think back to the great times * I had with a cousin that passed away in the war.
  • I was riding with my dad in the car and a song came on that reminded my dad of his dad that died, and he started to cry, and then I started to cry.
  • Music relaxes my spirit and puts me in a better mood.
What benefits have you seen in your life by being involved in music?
  • Relaxation
  • Enjoyment / JOY
  • Connect with the songs, and it is touching
  • Read Notes
  • College Scholarship
  • It gave me Rhythm
  • Develops vocal chords
  • Understand the world better
  • Better Dancer
  • Not being embarrassed in front of others
  • Better at math
  • Encourages me that I can do, what I want to
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