Music for Young Minds

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The Benefits of Music

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Kyra in the classroom

“At birth a child’s mind is in an unfinished state. Music helps to develop the mind and body in many ways. As an elementary music educator in Mitchell, SD I have witnessed the affect of Music on Young Minds firsthand. Throughout the past school year, I have seen my kids develop excellent social skills with myself and with each other, I have also observed a passionate desire to perform the music they have put so much time and effort into. My students have matured and developed their mind, their communication with each other, their teamwork, and their passion for life through experiencing and making music. I am so proud of them and I would like to share with you some of my research and resources that have helped me during my first year of teaching my choir of angels!!”
~Miss Kyra Korver

Music Educators Motto:

(By John Feirabend)

To create BEATFUL, TUNEFUL, and ARTFUL individuals!

Beatful- the individual has an inner pulse, they can dance at their own wedding , they can tap their foot in-time to music, etc.

Tuneful- the individual can sing their baby to sleep, they can sing in tune with hymns at church, they can sing “Happy Birthday” to their children, etc.

Artful- the individual has some knowledge of the fine arts, they can respond in an expressive manner to music, to life, to art, to a child's drawing, etc.


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